Use of Charcoal 炭的使用

When do you use charcoal? 何時需要使用炭?

Charcoal is used for internal and external infection and poisoning. Cases of injury, fever, eye and ear infection, gastritis, internal disorders, halitosis, poisonous spider or insect bites, bee sting or snake bite, any inflammation, colitis, indigestion, cellulites, diarrhea, gas, jaundice, and ingestion of gasoline, petroleum, lighter oil can be benefited.

How much charcoal do you take?需服用多少份量的炭?

There are charcoal powder, capsule, and tablet form. For normal adult, 1 tablespoon of powder, 3-4 tablets, or 2-3 capsules can be taken. Take 2-3 times a day.


There is a theory that if you take charcoal regularly for a long time, the nutrients from the body can be insufficient so don’t recommend taking charcoal regularly over a year but up to 12 weeks, there seems to be no problem. If you take charcoal powder, make sure mix it with water, otherwise, charcoal powder can enter into trachea and cause problems.

Different charcoal usage 不同活性炭的用法

  1. 1. Gastric disorder, colitis, liver disorder and other internal disorders: mix honey 200 gram (7 oz.), olive oil 200 gram(7 oz.), charcoal 300 gram (1.5 cup), eucalyptus oil 5 drops then take 1-2 spoonfuls morning and night.
    胃部不適、大腸炎、肝臟不適及其他體內疾病:混合200克(7 安士)蜜糖, 200克(7 安士),橄欖油,300克(1.5杯)炭,5 滴尤加利樹油 (eucalyptus),每天早晨及晚上服用1-2匙(spoonfuls)。

  2. 2. For tonsillitis, infection in abdomen, and sore throat: use charcoal poultice for hot and cold treatment. Ingest 1-2 tablespoons of charcoal.