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Mr. Choi (September 5, 1989)

Experience 1

As I was watching over my cattle, around my eyes were itchy. After applying the eye cream the doctor prescribed, my eyes turned red and became swollen. So I washed around the eyes thoroughly and applied flaxseed ground, charcoal powder, and water mixture on the gauze on the eyes. I kept it for three days until my eyes were completely healed.

Experience 2

A lady who helps me had a severe pain in the abdomen. I administered 1 tablespoon and had her rest. After one hour, she was completely relieved. She became an advocate of charcoal.

Mrs. Eun Sook Yoon

Experience 1

I am a nurse working at a nursing home with 320 beds in Stanton Island, New York. From December 31, 1987 to January 10, 1988, there was a severe case of infectious flu and diarrhea among 23 patients.

When the flu was first shown, we used following method: 1. Binding diet, 2. Tylenol, 3. Enteric Precaution, 4. Kaopectate, 5. checked feces. Even after the treatment, there was no sign of progress. I convinced the administrator to use charcoal. It was difficult at first to convince the doctors who had been trained in conventional medicine. After convincing much, they agreed to use charcoal. We picked 5 of the worst cases and treated them with charcoal.

At first 4 capsules were administered to the 5 patients and saw that diarrhea had stopped immediately.

On the second day, capsules were given to the patients twice. Through charcoal treatment, all of the patients suffering the flu was recovered quickly.

From this experience, our nursing home use charcoal as a routine treatment:

1. Activated Charcoal 4 capsules now.

2. 2 Capsules after each for 48 hours when diarrhea continues.

After this experience, there were many staff members who were interested in charcoal usage internally and externally.

Experience 2

One 89-year-old patient at our nursing home had to be watched constantly.

One morning, as the assistant nurse was cleaning her table after breakfast, she quickly took a bottle of rubbing alcohol and drank the whole bottle. We took her to an emergency room. After 6 hours, the patient was sent back to us.

When we read her record from the emergency room, we found out that she was sent back after watching her carefully, without any treatments, because we had administered charcoal before she was sent to emergency room. She had no side effects or any other health problems.

Dr. Agatha Thrash (From Uchee Pines Health Center)

Many traditional home remedies have been discarded not because they are ineffective but because it takes time and energy to apply them. Before, the idea of treatment was to aid the nature to heal itself by using hygiene and physiology.

There are thousands of natural remedies to deal with breast cancer to hernia. Using simple remedies such as bathing, exercising or massaging can help blood circulation to heal infection and prevent inflammation.

These cell activities can be blocked by ingesting sugar, oil or other unhealthful foods.

Circulation in some part of the body can be effected by hot and cold application of the water.

For case of congestion in the head can be relieved by hot foot bath (place feet in hot water). Hot foot bath can be used for congestion of the nose, sore throat, tooth ache, head and neck discomfort.

Charcoal cleanses the body. Charcoal has tremendous surface areas to adsorb poisons. 1 quart of bottle can only hold 1 quart of ammonia gas but 1 quart of charcoal can hold 80 quarts of ammonia gas. Charcoal is a world-wide antidote.

Experience 1

Charcoal can be also used as a poultice. There was a person who had allergic reaction when she gets stung by a bee. Her father raised bees and so she got stung by bees several times as she was growing. Few years ago, she couldn’t breath and had pleurisy after she got stung by a bee. She was told that she would die after she gets stung again. After that, she moved to closer town away from her home. Eight o’clock one morning, she got stung by a bee and experienced cold sweat, pain and head ache. After ten minutes she applied charcoal poultice over the area, the pain and head ache disappeared. After four hours, poultice was removed and all the poison was withdrawn from the area.

Experience 2

A man, who had severe case swelling due to poison ivy, that his eyes couldn’t be opened and his fingers and ankles were so swollen. There were rashes on the area where poison had touched. Everyday he took 8 tablets of charcoal tablets twice a day. After 5 days, the swelling went down completely.

Charcoal tablet can be used for sore throat and mouth ulcer. For sore throat, brush teeth with charcoal powder or hold tablet in the mouth. Using hot poultice on the throat will be the most effective treatment. Most people will experience relieve from stomach pain but some may experience pain after using charcoal. Sometimes a mild case of constipation may be experienced by charcoal use but that is due to lack of water. Use warm enema to relieve constipation.

Experience 3

Charcoal powder has amazing healing result. If I had to pick a remedy in an island, I would pick charcoal powder.

When my little grandchild sat on a heap of fire ant house, she was attacked by hundreds of ants. I took her to bathroom and mixed charcoal in a bath water. She stopped crying after 2 minutes because pain was gone.

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