Charcoal and its Effectiveness 活性炭和它的有效性

1. Injury 創傷

There was a lady who had injury underneath her eyes after falling. The whole head was painful and her cheeks were swollen. After applying hot charcoal poultice, her pain and swelling had subsided.

A boy fell on a rock and injured his knee severely. He was taken to the doctor but there was no improvement of his injury. He was given hot and cold treatment twice a day followed with charcoal poultice. Few weeks later, his swelling was gone and retrieved his health once again.

2. Fever 發燒

Don’t use ice on the head when fever is present. Use cold water instead. Use hot poultice over the abdomen area. Place charcoal poultice and heat on the abdomen and drink charcoal mixed with water. It’s more effective to use hot water than cold ice.

3. Infection of the eyes and ear 眼或耳受感染

When the eye gets red due to infection, apply poultice. If the eye feels better with hot poultice, apply hot charcoal poultice. Otherwise, use cold charcoal poultice. For ear infection, apply charcoal poultice externally over the infected ear.

4. Indigestion, diarrhea, gas, stomach ulcer, ulcerative colitis, bed-ridden patients

Mix 1-2 teaspoonful of charcoal powder with a cup of water and drink using straw or take 2 capsules or 4 tablets 3-4 times a day. Take charcoal powder and olive oil mixture for indigestion to cleanse the stomach and bring healing. Take 1-2 teaspoons of charcoal and mix with 1,000cc of water and let the charcoal settle. Use the water for charcoal sensitive children, ulcer patients and people suffering constipation instead of water for effective result.
以1-2茶匙的炭粉和一杯水混合,用飲筒服用; 或每日3至4次服用2粒膠囊,或4片炭丸。

5. Halitosis (Bad breath) 口臭

Brush teeth with charcoal powder or hold charcoal tablet in the mouth. Avoid over eating and snacking. Use charcoal tablet in the mouth or rub charcoal powder on the infected area for infection or sore..
可用炭粉刷牙或將1片炭丸含在口中。避免過量進食或吃小食。 將炭丸放在口中或將炭粉揉在受感染或疼痛的地方。

6. Snake or spider bite 蛇或蜘蛛咬傷

Mix charcoal powder with olive oil or flaxseed powder with water and put over the bite to relieve pain and adsorb poison. Use charcoal poultice as soon as possible. In case of snake bite, change the poultice every 10-15 minutes and take 10 tablets or 2-3 tablespoons of charcoal. If the pain continues, place ice bag over the bite and continuously intake charcoal.
將炭粉和橄欖油或亞麻籽和水混合,塗在患處上,可減緩痛楚和吸附毒液。 如遇上被蛇咬的情況,應盡快用炭膏藥敷在患處上;並每隔10至15分鐘更換膏藥,同時吞服10片炭丸或2-3湯匙的炭粉。如疼痛持續,可將冰袋放在患處上,並服用 炭丸。

7. Inflammation and Infection 發炎或感染

Activated charcoal adsorbs bacteria, virus, bacterial poison, hormone, tissue fluid, and pus to prevent swelling and pus from the wound, bacteria, poison, and allergy externally. Renowned leader of preventive medicine Ellen G. White wrote, “When the patient was agonizing due to pain and indicated that he was dying, I recommended charcoal poultice. I have suggested use of charcoal and the patient was able to fall into deep sleep and was healed. I prescribed this treatment to the students who had infection due to injury on the hand. Infection was removed; pain was relieved and was quickly healed. I think you might laugh at this but if I could give this treatment a strange name and use it then it would be effective” to a well-known doctor.
活性炭能吸附細菌、病毒、細菌毒物、荷爾蒙、分泌物、膿、和防止傷口、由細菌、毒物和敏感而引致的感染。倡導預防藥物的懷愛倫師母曾寫了一段話給當時一位著名的醫生:「若有一個病人受盡病痛的折磨,甚至證實將要步入死亡,我會建議他使用炭膏藥。因木炭能幫助病人更易進入睡眠狀態和有治癒疾病的功效。我也曾將這個方法介紹給一些因手部受傷而受感染的學生,使用炭後,發炎感染的情況和痛楚也消失了,而傷口也很快癒合.你可能會取笑我這種做法,但若要我給這種療法一個名字並且流傳下去,這會是‘有效’ 。」

8. Infant Jaundice 嬰兒黃疸病

An infant had a high bilirubin level was given charcoal water (1/2 teaspoon mixed with a cup of waster) every 2-3 hours. It’s more effective to feed charcoal water when the infant is 4 hours than 12 hours. Feed charcoal water to infant until baby can’t drink anymore. Remove all clothing and sunbath baby 1 hour per day.

9. Sore mouth, throat and tonsillitis 傳染性口瘡、咽喉痛和扁桃腺炎

Rub charcoal powder inside the mouth. Use charcoal powder to brush teeth. Mouth will be blackened but the healing will be faster because charcoal will cleanse the mouth.

In some cases, sleep with the charcoal tablet. Soar throat is healed also with the same method. Use the same method for tonsillitis and apply charcoal poultice for faster recovery.

10. Sprain 扭傷

Few months ago, my mom called, asking what she should do for ankle sprain. I told her to place the ankle in the hot water for 3 minutes and the cold water for 30 seconds and keep going from hot water to cold water for 15-20 minutes. Then make charcoal poultice to place over her sprained ankle. After that regimen, she became a missionary because she has experienced the effectiveness of charcoal.

11. Bee Sting 蜜蜂刺傷

I was stung on the cheek; my friend on the palm, my neighbor was stung on the right eyelid, and another person on his leg. All of us used charcoal poultice over and were able to experience relief.

12. Gasoline, petroleum, lighter gas 汽油、石油、點火器

Intake large amount of charcoal

13. Damaged liver 肝臟受損

Charcoal adsorbs poisons from the bloodstream which stops the spreading of poison caused by damaged liver. Take large dose of charcoal to prevent blood from getting poisoned.

14. Improper Metabolism 異常的生陳代謝率

Six adult kidney failure patients were given activated charcoal for 4-8 weeks. Their triglyceride level was decreased by 67%. The patients experience itchiness due to chronic kidney failure can benefit from taking charcoal.

15. Ingested poisonous mushroom 進食了有毒菇類

A person who ingested poisonous mushrooms 24 hours ago can be effectively treated by charcoal. A patient unconscious should be administered charcoal gastrointestinal method.

16. Pain 痛症

Abdominal pain, pain from sore throat, sprain, arthritis, pleurisy, and any other pain can be relieved by charcoal poultice. It only takes 10 minutes to subdue pain.

17. Symptoms from over using Tylenol, Aspirin

Take charcoal. As soon as poisonous substance was taken, take charcoal (twice as much as the poisonous substance) mixed in water. Continue to take charcoal (8-10 times more than the poisonous substance).

18. Anemia and pain due to cancer 貧血或因癌症的痛症

Anemia due to poison caused by cancer can be treated with charcoal. The hemolytic poison can be adsorbed by charcoal and pain in other parts of the body can be relieved by charcoal poultice. The dog that had cancer was treated with charcoal poultice, was cured of cancer whereas, the mouse didn’t have such a great result.
由於癌症治療帶來貧血的問題,可使用活性炭治療。活性炭能夠吸附溶血性貧血的毒性,炭膏亦可舒緩身體不同部份的痛症。 而狗隻患有癌症也可用使用炭膏治療,但對於鼠類就沒有如此大的功效了。

19. Poison Ivy 毒性常春藤

Take 8 tablets, 4 capsules or take 2 tablespoons of powdered charcoal 2 times a day, everyday and take charcoal bath (add charcoal to bath water). Use charcoal poultice on the area affected.
可每天一日兩次服用8粒膠囊或四片炭丸或2湯匙的炭粉,每天進行炭浴(浴水加入 炭粉),在患處敷上炭膏。