Activated Charcoal
 Method of Making
 Use of Charcoal

     Affect of Negative Ion to the Human Body
Cell regeneration: Increase the transfer of chemicals between cells, increase the cell function through improved metabolism.

Purifies blood: Increases calcium and sodium ions in the blood to change the blood to a mild alkaline.

Controls Automatic Nervous System: Increases the functions of nervous system, endocrine system, hematosis to improve functions of different organs.

Immunity improved: r-globulin increases in the bloodstream bring stronger immunity towards pathogens.

USP Act. Charcoal 6 oz. Powder
Act. Charcoal 24 oz. Powder
USP Charcoal 130 tablets
USP Charcoal 360 tablets-Extra Value Size
USP Charcoal 125 vegecaps
Granular Act. Charcoal 5 lbs
Act. Charcoal Eye Pad
Act. Charcoal Pillow
Injury Sprain Infection and Inflammation
Fever Ingestion of Gas Problem in Metabolism
Indigestion Liver Damage Ingestion of Poisonous Mushroom
Halitosis Poison Ivy Anemia and Pain from Cancer
Jaundice Deodorizer Snake and Spider Bite
Oral Sore Dehumidifier Eye and Ear Infection
Bee Sting Overdose of Aspirin and Other Drugs

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